Friday, September 21, 2007

No news is not good news...

Well, it's been another week and I still have not heard from TCI if I am to have the TCS surgery or not. This is becoming more and more frustrating. I've been diagnosed with Tethered Cord. But Dr. B wanted to review some test results before moving ahead with a firm plan for detethering. He's had those results 3 weeks. I want things to move along, get the authorization from work comp and get this wagon on the road. So that my fusion will not be pushed further into 2008 than February.

A week ago, I read a Bible lesson one night which said I should seek God and wait upon His timing. That is so hard to do. I hate not hearing anything back when I email.

Painwise, yesterday was not a good day. Had a lot of head/neck pain and painful legs, and very, very weak. And one of my worst cognitive days in a long time.

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