Sunday, September 23, 2007

Making special moments`

There are so many things I can't do anymore and my husband is in a lot of the same situation.
We used to ride horseback and hike, ride bicycles, go to church and to other events, travel to see things. Now, just walking from one end of the house to the other tires me out and I have to work up the steam sometimes to walk the few feet out to the compost bin!

The way I'm dealing with it is to make the things I can do special. With that in mind, this morning, I baked with local apples an apple cobbler that ended up with the heavenly taste of pure ambrosia. With two bowls of this manna topped with "lite" whipped topping and then two cups of home-made lattes, we head out to our favorite "chat room," our chairs on the lawn. Our dog trots excitedly alongside, he's even come to know the word "latte" and knows that smell means a special treat for him, as well. At the very least, he'll get to wash the dishes.

Fall is here and the oaks are subtly changing hue. Night-time temperatures are just above freezing and there is always a crisp breeze in the air. I love the freshness of this time of year, and the imaginations of snows to come. Our local carousers, the deer, must have partied in our small backyard last night, for I found my pole-bean vines (beans and leaves) all nibbled up as high as their outstretched necks could reach. Yet, they left me enough to pick another large bowl-full today, which I easily blanched and froze in quart-sized ziplocks. This winter, we will enjoy tastes of this first summer in our new home by way of pickles, salsa, frozen green beans and lots of berries.

Making a common moment uncommon. It's an easy way to love life, which I do.

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