Thursday, September 20, 2007

The deer are helping me....I think!

This morning, I did some more deadheading of flowers and collecting seed-heads to scatter elsewhere. This is my plan: I know that next year, I will not be able to do a whole lot while I heal up from my fusion and gather back my neck strength post-halo. So, I am scattering, scattering seeds to the four winds around the place, with the expectation that next spring/summer, I'll be inundated with colorful flowers that will thrill my heart and soul. And I will not expect myself to weed these areas, they will "come as they are," all dressed up for the party and escorting a few less-than-savory and uninvited friends!

I noticed lots of deer droppings on my lawn. I thought, "Great fertilizer!" and then realized another added benefit to their presence. I've seen them outside the window, chomping on dropped acorns. This is so beneficial to me since every acorn seems to readily sprout into little oak trees in the spring and summer. Each one they enjoy is one less "weedy" tree growing in my yard.

I congratulated myself on having such wild friends helping me out until I approached my two barrels of petunias. The does and fawns must have extended their helping teeth to those planters and sadly, they don't seem to know or care the difference between fresh flowers and ones "gone by." Sigh...well, none of our friends are perfect, right?

Now, I'll struggle out, after a rest, to take a small container of coffee grounds to the compost bin. Yesterday, I watched while my husband stirred the bin with a pitchfork and added more leaves and dirt. And the smell of the decomposing material made me feel a part of the land again, as if we are farming in some, small way. The dried grasses carried the scent of hay and caused me to remember that it's not that long ago we were still feeding a stable-full of horses 2 times a day. I doubt those smells will ever NOT remind me of ranching. After all, I still think of my Dad and myself as a little girl whenever I pick raspberries!

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