Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tuesday, Sept. 11

Strange thing happened today. Every morning, I wake up feeling like the proverbial truck has run over me ("did you get the number off that truck?") but today, out of nowhere, I felt oddly ... well, normal! It was great and it's also fascinating to me that I still remember what normal feels like! I didn't have any neurological pain at all.

It only lasted three hours, then the truck realised it had forgotten to make its morning stop at my house, and came back to do its job. But those three hours, it felt great to feel pretty good.

Went shopping, wearing my CTO vest (cervical thoracic orthotic, which I must wear in the car/truck. It is the reason I had to stop driving. I haven't driven since Feb. when I got this vest/jacket). Again, ignoring the looks of people and children as they notice my predicament.

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