Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Observing others turning their heads...

Those of you reading this who have already had the fusion, or perhaps have a broken neck, know what I mean. While watching TV, I see a lady fling her long hair this way and that, and I think, "I'll never do that again!" Ha! Or someone wrenches their heads upwards quickly to look at something in the sky, and I think of how badly THAT would hurt if I tried that!

I notice this in people on the street, too. When I see people doing natural movements with their heads and necks, it seems to jump right out at me! It's okay that I'll never twist my neck like that again, that's not that hard of a thing to give up, compared to other things, but it's just something I notice, one of those little, seemingly insignificant things that I used to take for granted before I broke my neck.

And it reminds me to not take for granted the fact that I can walk (even if only for a few yards) and talk. Everything is relative and we all know someone worse off than we are. I'm not writing this blog to complain or whine about anything. I know I'm blessed and I'm a walking, talking miracle on earth! I praise my Lord for that every day. I am just writing here to record the journey, and to give some background.

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