Thursday, September 13, 2007

Oh, this feeling of being so "off"

I woke up this morning at 6 am and as usual, I sit in my recliner deciding if I feel bad enough to take a pain med. Some people say it's best to take pain meds on a schedule. Patients, I mean. But I try to figure out how I am feeling first. Almost always, I feel terrible and end up caving in and taking one...tho two days ago I felt so good I didn't take one until noon.

But today, oh the horrible feeling in my brain of feeling off. Like all my circuitry is mixed up and misfiring and connections are not being made. Back of my head is painful, bottoms of feet have a strange sensation, I feel such generalized fatigue and weakness. Again, the old truck analogy just seems the best. But it's so hard when you can't think straight.

Someone reported on CCI that when they had the extraction fusion (which I am slated to have early next year) that their thinking really cleared up. I am so hopeful when I think of this.

I've also read about these surgeries that you will know it's time to have them when you get the feeling that you can't live without them. I'm at that point. For a long time, I've gone back and forth about proceeding with surgery, but now, I worry about having to wait.

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