Monday, September 10, 2007

Today's health thoughts

These are some notes I made today about things I deal with, how things are going for me. This blog will be a sort of history for me, to log how things went after I broke my neck. But I also want to keep up to date information and reflections going, especially for the next six months as I face a surgery or two in NY.

One thing I wanted to mention that was something new happened a few nights ago. I was trying to eat a banana, very soft. And it was SO painful because the gentle biting down
to bite off the banana caused such pain suboccipitally. With TMJ, I've experienced trouble with opening wide enough to eat something, and slight pain, but this was very different. It was the biting down that caused the pain and it was a bit scary.

I have been experiencing more breathing issues. Usually at bedtime, but at other times too. I would suppose it is ALL linked to doing anything! If I just sat and did nothing all day, then I am sure some of these symptoms would lessen. But that would not be good for me emotionally or mentally. Doing light garden care and housework, in 15 or 30 minute segments seems to work, but then again, absolutely anything I do, I will pay for it.
The book of Bedside Blessings (thank you, Kim!) two nights ago really spoke to me. To wait upon God's timing, and to seek His counsel. And until I do seek His counsel, things will not come to pass. I relate this all to my anxieties in trying to get the surgeries lined up on MY timing, and bugging Dr. B about it. I need to trust Him more.
One thing that I deal with that is neurological in nature is that if I do anything that is straining at all, I work up a sweat. I break out on my forehead, at the hairline, with sweat and this affects me all over, making me very weak and sick feeling. It all springs from even light straining. Many things cause us to strain, things we are not aware of unless we suffer from it. For me, I've come to understand that ALL straining goes through the upper C spine, skull base area!

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