Thursday, October 18, 2007

Asking for Prayers, please...

I need some prayers folks...

I think you most know my situation. that I have a pre-condition for multiple myeloma. 25% of the people with this will develop into full blown MM. I have a cyst on my thyroid and nodules (considered no concern by my onc.) on my lungs.

I've posted here about pressure and fluttering in the center of my chest the last few days, and last night, I happened to notice a walnut-sized lump in that exact area. Just a bit lower than my breasts, just right of center of the chest.

I called my oncologist and asked if this was something he should take a look at. He called me back and said he wants me to come in on Monday (he'll be gone tomorrow), so I have an appt now to do that.

I looked it up on the internet and frankly did not find much encouraging. If it is infection in a lymph node, you would not see swelling in that spot. And it would be painful to the touch. There is no pain from it, no tenderness, it is hard, there is no redness.

I know Jesus is in control, and loves the prayers of His children, so I'm asking you to pls put up a few words for me. I trust in Him. But also, as I posted here, I am scheduled for spinal cord detethering surgery in NY on Nov. 21, and if something is happening with the MM, all surgeries are off, so I'd need to know. But of course, I want to hear that it's nothing.... I know the Lord hears the voices of His children, so am asking you to mention my name before His Throne. Thanks and I'll let you know.

God bless you each one. God is Good, Glory to His Name! Thank you.


Scott said...

Oh dear! I hope it isn't cancer! I will pray for you.

By His Grace said...

Thanks, Scott, and I'm praying for you, including your CT next week!

God has a plan, right?
God bless YOU brother!