Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday, Monday

Bet no blogger ever used those lyrics to title her Monday post before, huh?

Well, today had good things about it, but sad to say, there was a whole lot of pain goin' on. When I woke up during the night to go to the bathroom, my feet were horribly painful. This is pretty normal, but some nights are worse than others...and last night was just one of those nights.

Today, we went to Walmart, about 53 miles away, got some more curtains for the living room (needed more panels to match the ones I got on Friday). But all day, I felt such an odd pressure sensation in the middle of my chest. And often, I found that I was not breathing and needed to make an effort to take a breath. Just quit breathing after an exhale, not like I was holding my breath.

Several times, while riding in the truck, I would fall asleep and experience that pain in the brain stuff. I got to wondering if my brain hurts because I sort of doze off and am not breathing, so I'm oxygen deprived. I kept dozing and waking up and it really wasn't a good feeling.

When I woke up this morning, it was from a bad dream. I dreamed that I went to visit Shadow, my horse I left back on the ranch when we moved 7 months ago, and that he was tied up in a stall that was full of manure, and the snow was blowing in on him. I let him out of the barn, and he began rolling and I knew he was colicking. I spoke to the woman taking care of him and she said that I obviously didn't care because I never came to visit him.

I hated that dream. I don't very often dream of my old friend, Shadow, my partner for 12 years. But I miss him every day.

But then there was lots of good stuff. My husband said, as I went to bed last night, that he loved his home and me and our dog and he kept listing all the stuff he loved.

And again, that view out of the living room window is magnetic. I can't take my eyes off of it. The oaks filling the picture, so golden and orangy.

My husband switched recliners with me. The leather one is just too hard on the back of my head. I love the soft one I'm using now, and oh...what a picture I get to enjoy! And I can already see in my mind's eye the barren branches artistically coated with winter's snow.

Life and love are good indeed.

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