Monday, October 22, 2007

Update on Doctor Appointment

REally, so far there is nothing to report. But I did go to my oncologist today, he felt the "mass" quite well, asked if it hurt me when he palpated it (it does not)...said that it is not where lymph nodes are (good)...said it could be a "fatty benign tumor." Had me go to the hospital next door to have it ultrasounded. Which I did, and I should hear tomorrow what the report was.

It was the fastest ultrasound I ever had. While lying down, the mass ("on the chest wall", is how my doctor wrote the order) is harder to ascertain. But I pointed it out to the technician, he quickly ran the thingy over it, and took it into the doctor to look at, and then came back in and said, okay, you are free to go.

I would have thought if there was nothing there, that he would have struggled to find something. The fact that it took him about a minute makes me wonder if he found it quickly and easily. He would not tell me anything (the last ultrasound I had, of my thyroid, the technician was very friendly and would tell me stuff, but this guy was very secretive. He said, "Your doctor will call you tomorrow.")

So....I'll keep you all updated! Thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...

prayin for ya on that one... trust in Him! keep us posted and i hope everything turns out okay.
talk to ya soon.

Anonymous said...

Had to come here and find out how it went. You've been in my thoughts and prayers all weekend. It sounds encouraging that it doesn't seem to be a lymph node. I pray you get some good news tomorrow.

love and hugs


Zipperhead said...

Keep us posted! Will watch for an update.

I updated my blog today btw. Big news. Baltimore, next week, surgery. GAH!

Cleo said...

I asked for prayers of the church for you on Sunday and every time you have come to mind I have said another prayer for you.

I don't now how many times I checked yesterday to see if there was any news. Sounds promising.

We love you!

By His Grace said...

Thank you all so much! I am blessed to have such friends! And my heart is deeply touched!

God bless you