Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Post concussion stuff or what?

As I remember from my studies online, the symptoms you have at 18 months post-concussion, they will be there permanently from then on. All the healing and getting better you are going to do must be done within those first 18 months. After that, you are stuck with 'em.

When you land hard enough on the top of your head that you break a bone into four pieces, the doctors feel you have suffered a pretty bad concussion. After my horse accident, I went through six months of speech therapy. The damage done was mild by many comparisons and I am truly blessed to be doing so well today and I know that. But, and there always is a "but," there are many challenges that linger.

One is emotionalism. I am overly emotional. I find it hard to pray because when I sincerely focus in on something or someone, I start to cry and it's something I can't stop. That is why I am up now, at 11:30 pm, writing this. Praying for good things for my son, I was struck with an over-abundance of emotion. And when I cry, I set off a bunch of neurological jabberwocky. Legs burn and tingle, hands tingle and go numb, the scalp crawls, my right deltoid suddenly starts sparking and like fingernails on a chalkboard, these things pierce into the deepest, darkest and least patient part of my brain.

There, right there, is an analogy for Central Pain: it's like fingernails on a chalkboard. Yeah, that's it. Anyone agree?

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