Monday, October 1, 2007

What having fun does to ya!

We noticed our neighbors walking up to visit. I had just fallen to sleep when my husband called that company was coming. We had a wonderful two-hour visit with them. I should have put on my Aspen collar, but this is why I didn't: I didn't want them to feel my discomfort and I didn't want them to feel uncomfortable seeing me in it.

Sitting on the side of the dining room table, I looked left and right as different people talked, and I nodded my head, as you do when listening to or telling stories. I laughed a lot, too.

After they left, we drove into town and I forgot to wear the collar again. We only live a mile from town, so I figured I could get by without it. What fun that was, looking to the side out the window and seeing houses and yards that I usually do not see because the vest or collar keeps me so restricted.

Late in the afternoon, back at home, I've been hit with nausea and tremors, losing balance, having chills, and extreme weakness. Gotta stop that partying!

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