Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Peter Principle or "I shouldn't write at night when I feel awful!"

The Peter Principle, one of the early New Age thinking books, was summed up as meaning "I'm Okay, You're Okay."

Thus, I thought I'd better write tonight that I'm okay, and I HOPE you are okay. After my last few posts, you all might think I've headed for a long walk off a short pier!

I had a great day today. Got my grocery shopping done for the week, and watched some PBR (bullriding) on TV, and then finished up, finally, staining the railings in front of the house. I am not feeling melancholy or blue at all, but we all know that those blues come and go. And this blog is about being open and honest.

I am having a lot of the middle of the chest fluttering tonight. I keep thinking it is the diaphragm and did a tad of research tonight, reading about diaphragmatic flutter (respiratory myoclonus). Probably most people have experienced myoclonus at some point, when your arm or your head or your leg jerks involuntarily. I have this a lot since my injury...and so it does make a perfect picture in my mind's eye to describe these flutters as involuntary spasms.

And it is connected to brainstem injury. But I have simply made up my mind not to worry about it. If I wrote my doctor and he's not worried, not worried enough to write to me about it, then I'm not going to worry either. I'm not a big worrier by nature so I am not going to fret over this.

I can think of lots of things to write about, but I'm too tired tonight. I'm headed off to bed. This week is supposed to be rainy, so perhaps I'll have more time to write.

big hugs to all dear friends

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