Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Not a good day...

Cherry tomatoes, Early Girl tomatoes and bulbs of garlic are vacationing upon my kitchen windowsill, stretched out on imaginary beach chairs in an effort to obtain that perfectly ripe tan.

Soon, we will wake up to frost, as even tonight, snow is predicted to fall 1500 feet higher than our elevation at home. If I find a tomato a little bit orangy, I bring it in and try to wrangle one last bit of summer out of my garden.

Perhaps because of yesterday and all I went through, today has not been good. I've felt very weak. Last night, I took my medication before bed, but the gelcap never made its way to the expected destination: my stomach. It clung, I reckon, to some folds of tissue in my esophagus all night long, finally waking me at 4:30. I got up and ate a slice of bread in an effort to coax the errant pill down the trail. Swallowing issues are common in brainstem compression. Finally, at 8 am, I tried some home-cooked oatmeal with Vermont maple syrup and that worked wonders.

The back of my pumpkin head tingles and hurts occipitally and doesn't want to stay up on the "stick" of my neck. The weakness is painful and diffuse. I take Norco every four hours and alternate with ibuprofen. I'm staying inside even though it is one heckuva beautiful Fall day outside.

And thinking? I'm just plain avoiding it!

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