Monday, October 1, 2007

Movin' kinda slow at the Junction...

Only us old timers remember where the title lyrics came from: the show Petticoat Junction, back when all of TV was displayed in black, white and shades of gray. I always remember the gals swimming in the wooden water-tank near the railroad tracks, clothes draped over the sides to suggest (dare we think it!) impetuous nudity, and the sweet Southern belles peeping over the rim of the tank during the song and waving!

Rained all day yesterday and I took the dog for a walk in the dripping forest. Loved it, but paying for it. I think maybe that I can't go for walks. It really irritates the tethered cord. So, in a way, finding the woods area across the road to walk in might be something of a sad tease.

Woke up from the burning hip/lower back pain, so got up. Usually, I do not take pain meds right away when I get up. I wait till I have to take them, figuring I will take less through the day that way. I have friends who tell me that is the wrong way to take them, and my husband tells me this, too. But I have an anvil for a head.

This morning, though, I did take a pain pill first thing and it did help some. I hate waking up and sitting in the living room and feeling that horrid, tortuous neurological malaise come over me, the all-over feeling of painful "offness." When the weight of my skull needs to be carried by my spine and compresses whatever nerves are caught in the way, what results!

I just noticed cars on our road heading for work and slowing down to a crawl past our place. Looking out our window, I spotted the flock of our neighborhood's wild turkeys making their morning rounds. Half the flock is across the road, and some are in our yard, all seeking the seemingly delicious acorns that is the staple of their Fall diet. This year, with an abundant crop from all the oaks here, these "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" birds should be deliciously fat soon. I think they are beautiful.

Yesterday, I had some fun with a rainy-day project. I have a mirror that I bought for $2 at Goodwill, it is about 18" square, just flat glass with a blue-painted border. Using the hot-glue gun, I stuck on pieces of forsythia branches and buttons and old keys, old rings and necklace crosses that had been rummaging around in the bottom of my little-used jewelry box for years. I added little pine cones, an old green-painted hinge, the drawer pull from an antique dresser. I love how it came out! It is back hanging in the hallway now and I stop to look at it often, wishing the reflection of myself in this adorned mirror was a whole lot prettier. Results of a self-hair-cutting adventure combined with dark circles around the eyes stare back at me, and so I move over to the side, where the reflection disappears and I can admire my handiwork of day before.

God bless you today, dear reader.

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zoe said...

Hi V,
I'm glad you got to the crafting, it's good for the soul*

If only you were a hop, skip and jump away I would love to take that walk with you!

with hugs,