Thursday, October 11, 2007

Symptoms today

Okay, I know I said I was headed to bed, but I just thought, while it is fresh in my mind, that I'd like to list all the symptoms I have been having today. This is for my own records. Today, my husband had a doctor appointment and asked me to go with him. I decided not to because I had the creepy crawly skin all over my scalp and down my neck. Decided I shouldn't be riding in a pickup for an hour.


Prickly feeling on scalp and neck
Extra pain in neck and occipitally
Lancinating pains in arms, paraesthetic itch
Painful aching in calves and thighs
Painful feet
Flutters in chest which stop my breathing
Very weak, painfully so
Difficulty swallowing: pills won't go down all the way, other food moving slowly down
Balance issues
Frequent urination, leaking bladder
Night-time painful burning in hips and calves
Low back pain

With all of this, you'd think I would be a basket case but I'm really not. Perhaps I'm just used to dealing with it all. But something has made me much worse the last few days and I'm noticing
now some things are escalating. I'll have to take it easy again tomorrow, hopefully rest will make things better.


Cleo said...

It's really helpful to the docs for you to document and be aware of your pain. I've done so much "pain management" that I detach or separate from pain (to survive) and when asked to describe the pain or give a level of improvement I find it difficult to answer. This doesn't mean that it doesn't hurt, it's just that we find ways to live with the pain or bear it.

It's also good to give yourself a break. I know it's hard to be so self-focused after a lifetime of thinking of others first but you are being kind to yourself and deserve to be treated the way you would treat others you love.

Keep up the good work and thanks for writing!!

Love ya!

By His Grace said...

Cleo, you are truly a treasure!

I always gave my doctors my symptoms lists-- one even told me that list making is some sort of obsession, thus I felt even more of a nutcase, ha!-- but in my mind, I was not expecting them to remember or to rely upon their notes, and I wanted that list in my files. And also, I never could remember all my complaints once I got in front of a doctor, tee hee...

God bless you!