Friday, October 5, 2007

Exquisite Reading

I am finishing up a book that I have been swept up in the last few days. I found it on the Loan-out shelf at the cancer center, a bookcase wedged between two recliners where patients come to fill up on toxic fuels which will, God willing, kill off the bad cells and leave some good ones to hang around and carry on life.

The book is called, "Tapestry: The Journey of Laurel Lee." It's a spare book, in a way, because Laurel Lee could describe a situation, event, emotion or thought in one or two sentences instead of several paragraphs. She was the queen of simile and metaphor! Her life was one of those incredible journeys that needed to be shared with the world. I feel like Laurel, who passed into the arms of Jesus on August 10, 2004, has taken up residence somehow within some deep place I own.

I never knew Laurel, but now, I miss her.

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